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Direct Deposit of Travel & Business Expense Reimbursements

Exciting news!  Effective August 11, 2008, Travel and Business Expense (T&B) reimbursements will be direct deposited for those University employees currently enrolled in Payroll direct deposit.   Direct deposit service is a great convenience for travelers, much less costly for the University to process, and better for the environment (42,000 fewer paper checks to print each year.

Reimbursements will be automatically deposited to the same employee bank account used for Payroll direct deposit.  The T&B direct deposit will occur once each week on Friday for properly-approved and supported T&Bs.   T&Bs must be received in Payment Processing by Wednesday in order to have the funds sent to the employee’s account by the same Friday. 

When the University successfully transmits the deposit to the bank, the employee will receive an automated e-mail deposit advice including a transaction date.  Please do not respond to the e-mail.  If there are any questions, please use the Payment Processing web inquiry at   The e-mail will be sent to the employee’s University address.  The University e-mail address is used for all official correspondence through electronic mail.  If an employee is currently receiving e-mail at a different address, the mail must be forwarded to the address.   Instructions for forwarding e-mail can be found at

Although most University employees have already established Payroll direct deposit, please encourage any who are not enrolled to do so as to reduce any delays in processing their T&B reimbursements.  The enrollment form may be found on our website at:

Any questions, please contact the Payment Processing department.

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